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Josy the Skater girl added – first of the Judge Dredd gang

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

Finished the first of my Judge Dredd gang earlier in the week.  A fun little mini from Black Scorpion miniatures.  The second gang member isn’t too far behind if I manage to find time to do some painting this week as well.  It’s a brilliant little game you can get for free from  We’re using the free print and play terrain from as well so with staring gangs around the 3-6 models it really should be an excellent little bargain of a game to play.  I was tempted by the more specialist gangs (indeed our campaign should already include a Judge patrol team and an ape gang) but went for the street gang so I can go down any tactical route.

Kaya added to Circle gallery

Saturday, June 4th, 2011

A model that I thought I would enjoy painting but didn’t.  Drove me up the wall in fact.  Still not too disappointed with the outcome and it was an experiment for the basing using some slate and thrying to gets some mudstaining on the cloak.

Next stop – Judge Dredd gang