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Devastator squad for Retro Space Marines

Saturday, August 20th, 2011

Another squad down  – only one left!  This squad contains the two oldest models in the army in the form of the lead missile launcher which looks like some sort of RPG launcher and the sergeant which is a communication officer mini.  Quite pleased with this one as I was asked about why my slogans are in the traditional imperial style as well as some more gang-land type ones.  The reaonsing is the chpater is recruited from a hive world so there is a mix of up-hivers like 3rd sons of nobles, adventurous tradsemens sons as well as gangers who are all invited to attempt selection in the depths of the underhive.

After all – the underhive is just as dangerous as any feral world I could think of.  The marines are therefore of two mentalities – those of a staunchly traditonal imperial view with devotinal statements, aquilas and other liatnies on their armour as well as those from the gangs for whom kill tallies and the more aggressive statements are more common.

Judge Dredd gang finished!

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

That’s it – the essential models to allow me some flexibility are finished.  I’ve got two girls wielding dual pistols, 1 shotgun wielding ganger and have now added 2 with hand guns and a sixth with an SMG.  There are long terms plans to add a sniper and maybe a heavy weapon of some sort. but they’re not as essential for now.  Next stop – Devastator squad for my Space Marines.

Old school 40k psyker painted

Thursday, August 11th, 2011

Painted a really old psyker model I found in the second hand bin in my local games store.  Planning a really multi use model with this one so tried not to be very specific with his paint scheme.  3 more Judge Dredd gangers to go but I’ve also started my Devastators for my Space Marines.